2021.02.01 (PS041) [Agargara] - Piston Dreams
Agargara returns from the depths with 6 ancient pxtone etudes. Never dead, only dormant.
2014.12.07 (PS040) [Azargabra] - Zebrafish
Zebra and Agargara join forces with 21 capricious collaborations, rompy remixes and haunting original tunes from the past few years. !!!SPECIAL SUPER COOL CONTEST!!! If you can guess who created which tracks, Agargara and Zebra will compose a special track just for you. Send your guesses to agargara AT gmail DOT com.
2014.09.11 (PS039) [ShinigamiMachine] - Source
A mysteriously mechanical Death God breathes life back into Piston Source with a diverse 4 track EP.
2011.12.13 (PS038) [Zebra] - Ridley's Bifurcation
Zebra outdoes himself with an ambitious full-length album that brushes against the fabric of dreams.
2011.11.29 (PS037) [unknown] - mystery signal
From somewhere, a transmission...
2011.09.28 (PS036) [AGF] - Lost Tracks
The mysterious AGF returns with 12 lost tracks. Melodic chipcore meets atmospheric underground pxhop.
2011.05.02 (PS035) [Zebra] - The Secret Life of John Lithgow
Five striped tracks that musically capture the essence of being John Lithgow.
2011.01.01 (PS034) [Various Artists] - PSRC
Introducing the Piston Source Remix Compilation: A collection of remixes of, by and for pxtone afficionados. Featuring tracks by Agargara, Anonymous, El ho, Gensai, Kattywampus, Se-ko, Task, Tatsunami and Zebra, remixed by Agargara, Frux and Zebra.
2010.06.29 (PS033) [Zebra] - Numberika
Another stunning Zebra release, with 13 tracks of "pxtonebient" goodness.
2010.04.01 (PS032) [Zebra] - Tranquil Moo
Zebra breaks the two-year Piston Source silence with a stunning 9-track debut.
2008.10.03 (PS031) [Agargara] - Avlaslav
8 bittersweet electronic tracks that cover the melancholy, the hilarious, and everything in between.
2008.03.20 (PS030) [Agargara] - Moon Glider
Pxtone breaks VS PSPSeq breaks... who will win?
Pick up the PSPSeq side of this release by HS here!
2008.01.26 (PS029) [Frux] - Viridian
Three colors, three songs with chips and beats.
2008.01.15 (PS028) [Jon Baken] - Candlelight
5 astounding tracks from beatmaster JB.
2008.01.07 (PS027) [Agargara] - The Happy Birthday Party
Happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me...D:
2007.11.24 (PS026) [Regantor] - The Mark of Cake
Three delicious sandwiches and a cake for dessert.
2007.11.14 (PS025) [Agargara] - Jendrassik Maneuver
Five tunes featuring electronica and breaks.
2007.11.03 (PS024) [Various Artists] - 8-bit Tsunami
Nine different chiptunes, of various timbre and purpose.
2007.10.27 (PS023) [Kim I/O] - Record Spins
Disco damnation straight from Japan.
2007.06.07 (PS022) [Agargara] - Zeitgeber
What happens when you solve x + y? The results will suprise you.
2007.05.07 (PS021) [Door] - "Planetarium Sky" EP
The image of perfect space painted in audio.
2007.04.15 (PS020) [Frux] - "R-2R Ladder" EP
Return of the Living Chips!
2007.03.09 (PS019) [Techtonic Plate] - "Encryption" EP
A 3-track EP of both "ambience and hyper electronic."
2007.02.04 (PS018) [AGF] - "Grass-Scented Candles" EP
8 tracks of various styles.
2006.12.03 (PS017) [HS] - "Drifter" EP
6 astounding breakbeat tracks.
2006.10.15 (PS016) [AGF] - "Grayscale Forest Chase" EP
A 4 track EP that tells a story.
2006.09.30 (PS015) [Various Artists] - "Stop Me" EP
7 different shades of the same color...7 tracks asking you to Stop Me.
2006.09.14 (PS014) [Eight Fish] - "Spectacular Optical" EP
4 breakbeat tunes with a hint of chip and a side of mushrooms.
2006.08.22 (PS013) [HS] - "Think About Us" EP
Oldskool uk hardcore breakbeat. Flip side remixed by AGF.
2006.07.26 (PS012) [Shrapnel] - "The Control Room" EP
Gothic 80's electro with complementary dark '94 jungle remix
2006.07.23 (PS011) [AGF] - "Stained Pear Tree" EP
Emotionally charged breakcore and noise.
2006.07.17 (PS010) [Kim I/O] - "Mono Tone" EP
Breakbeats from the land of the rising sun.
2006.07.07 (PS009) [AGF] - "Scattered Cake Company" EP
Melodic breakcore/speedcore debut from AGF.
2006.07.06 (PS008) [Frux] - "Reincarnation Papers" EP
Chips + Amen = fun for the whole family.
2006.06.17 (PS007) [HS] - "Piston Lust" EP
DnB jump up and remix of Gensai tune "Zansatsu".
2006.06.10 (PS006) [HS] - "Night Cruise"
Melodic dnb entry into PisCon compo.
2006.04.01 (PS005) [HS] - "The Love"
Oldskool uk hardcore breakbeat in lo-fi.
2006.03.26 (PS004) [HS] - "Waterdays"
DnB remix of SNES version of "Drakkhen".
2006.03.12 (PS003) [HS] - "...been there..."
Smooth dnb looper.
2006.03.06 (PS002) [HS] - "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes"
Randomized and strange breakcore.
2006.02.26 (PS001) [HS] - "Schizotone"
Schizophrenic jungle. First release.

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