The screening process is like this: If it sounds cool, it's in.

If you're planning on submitting, send a track or two to my
email first (listed at the end of this page). I'll get
back with you on whether I think it fits in. If you get a
'no', don't be discouraged, since I'll probably tell you
why. Use it to adjust the song or just make something else
to send. I'm not picky, so you won't even have to worry about getting denied. ;)

After you've been given the go-ahead, have no less than 2
songs ready for an EP (or LP if you've got a shitload!).
You will need front and reverse sleeve art. If you really don't
want to make this, I can put something together for you, but I
can't guarantee quality. Please do NOT put the release number
on the art yourself. However, feel free to put the Studio
Pixel PxTone stamp and Piston Source stamp on yourself if
you want to work it into the design in some way. Mangling
the logos is encouraged.
Songs have some specs that need to be met as well. Firstly,
a single song on any release may not exceed 5MB unless
there's a damn good reason (i.e. full vocals). Although
we do accept pttune files they are VERY DISCOURAGED as it
goes against the open source mentality of Piston Source.

Finally, the comment portion of the song should have the
following filled out per song then copied and pasted into
the comments:

----------------------CUT HERE-----------------------------
[YOUR NAME] - "Track Name"
(c) yyyy Your Name

Track x/y of "Album/EP title"

----------------------CUT HERE-----------------------------

Below this, you can write whatever you want, even talk
trash about Piston Source for making you put all that dumb
crap in the comments if you want. ;)

Don't let any of this scare you. I'm not a mean guy, I'm
just trying to get a cohesiveness to the it
ameteurish professionalism.

FOR SUBMISSIONS, EMAIL ME @ agargara[AT]gmail[DOT]com.