What's Happening lately?
Running Jump Records, a new netlabel for music made with the PSP, has made its first release, and it's a competition: Pxtone VS PSPSeq. Check out both sides of the strange game here and there.
PisColla! is hosting its fourth Piston Collage competition. This time around the theme is "Beginnings," such as the opening to a video game, or the prologue of a book.

I am considering revamping this site so that users can choose between Japanese and English languages. Unfortunately, I am shit at HTML and designing websites so it could take a while if I ever even get started on it.

Also, today is my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME FUCK YES. Also, I released an EP to celebrate. My birthday, that is. Because I am great. All hail me. So check out my EP please on the cuts page.                 
Due to technical problems, Hseiken is no longer running this site. You will be missed, HS; I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put into this site.

But I'm not ready to let it die just yet, so I've taken over (at least temporarily) to release Kim I/O's newest EP "Record Spins." Check it out on the Cuts page! 
Well, PisCon3 is over.  PiSTON SOURCE regulars scored a few honors again...here they are:

Final Standings:
Agargara (formely known as AGF) - Sandstorm
- 5th Place in Theme Catagory
- 4th Place in Composition Catagory
- 3rd Place in Materials Catagory
- 5th Place overall in Grand Prix

HS - Tornado Alley
- 3rd Place in Originality Catagory

It was a tough competition this year with a very sizable turnout of more than 30+ entries which makes AGF's achievements quite respectible.  Congradulations to AGF for wowing the voters this time around.

Speaking of AGF (sorry, old habits die hard...I meant to say Agargara), he's got an EP dropping today, so be sure to check it out on your nearest PxTone ready player...and pay no attention to the man behind the beef curtains...
A very special release from Door this month entitled "Planetarium Sky" is on the racks.  This soothing collection of cold, yet soulful melodies should get you in the mood for long summer nights. . .snag it in the CUTS section.

As well, if you didn't notice, the 3rd PisCon is in effect.  This time, 'WIND' is the theme.  Lots of inpsiration for that theme if you happen to be in the Norfolk area right now...heh...

A side note:  PxTone has been updated to 0.8.24.  It hasn't been updated here as there's no new major features of extreme interest.  More than likely, the copy available here will update with the release of the 0.9 tree.  But don't let that stop you from getting the freshest version available out on the street.  
Frux has completed and released a new EP entitled, "R-2R Ladder", filled with chip delights sure to make you start seeing gianormous pixels everywhere you go.  Pick up this new excursion into 8-bit realms on the CUTS page.  

Starting very soon, once details and such get worked out, there will be a sister label to Piston Source, which will take the focus away from pure PxTone music.  However, there will be a section designed to house all of the Piston Source releases in mp3 format.  Don't worry, though (as if you worry!), Piston Source isn't going anywhere.  We're just getting a baby sister, that's all.  

Anyway, stay tuned for further details and announcements on that project as well as upcoming releases here by myself, Kim I/O, and a special collaboration between a few special guests...

Also, gear up for PisCon3...it appears it will be starting soon...
モン太  Has programmed the much demanded .ptcop/.pttune plug-in for winamp.  Give the guy a hand!  Then download it here.  

Unzip it into your plug-ins directory of Winamp or your other player that accepts the format.  THEN copy 'pxtone.dll' from your pxtone directory into the plugin directory and rename to 'pxtone2.dll'.  Then paste it again and leave the name as it was (yes, 2 copies of the dll named differently!)

Now you can play your fave Piston Collage tunes back to back and add them into your playlist.  :)  How sweet is that?  I'll tell you!  Sweet enough to send you into a sugar coma!  WHOOT!

"Encryption," starring HS as Techtonic Plate, is out. Download it and prepare to be shaken...


"Grass-Scented Candles" EP is now lit.


We had to change domain names due to an Italian woman stalking Frux. Sorry about that.


HS' long awaited Drifter EP is finally out. It's Piston Source's first release to use version 8. Six tracks of delicious pxtone goodness...make sure to pick it up from the cuts page.


Pixel has phased out version 7 in favor of version 8; we will update our hosted version of pxtone accordingly.


The results for PisCon2 at PisColla are in. Congratulations to hseiken for winning first place in the theme category! For more details, and the other results, go here.


Submissions to PisCon2 at PisColla! are now closed, and the voting is going on from now until November 4. (November 3 in US) See here for a list of submitted pieces and a link to the vote form. (Called the "poll page")


Hujiko Pro has come up with an awesome mix of various tunes. Two featured artists are hseiken and gensai, so be sure to pick it up here.

Also, I'm subbing for hseiken while he's out, so if you have any submissions or questions, send them to me.


"Grayscale Forest Chase" by AGF is out now.  Enjoy the surrealism.

By the way, if you didn't hear about it, PisCon2 is in full effect.  Head over to PisColla (you will probably need a translation service to understan what's going on) to get the full rundown in detail.  

PxTone is now up to version and seems to run just fine.  When PS017 is released, we will switch officially over to the current version of the program, whatever it may be by that time.
It appears that the latest incarnation of PxTone is becoming more and more stable (currently at, so it should be stable enough for PS listeners by next week.  This is great news, though not entirely unexpected...Pixel's a hard worker when it comes to programming.  If he gets enough feedback on bugs, he'll stomp 'em out with lightning speed.  I think he needs to get some sleep, though...

At any rate, if you're wondering what's next on the agenda here at PS, you can bust your old grey brick gameboys out to get in the mood for AGF's "Greyscale Forest Chase", to be released on the 15th.  Joy!

On another note, it's been suggested (more than once) that we should have mp3/ogg downloads and I've been contemplating this and the best way to go about it.  It's not so much the trouble of having space and bandwidth, it's more or less implementing it into the site without detracting from the focus of PxTone...I don't want it to seem like we're selling out, so to speak.  If anyone has an idea of how to go about this, I'd be interested to hear it.

The "Stop Me" EP has been released, meaning (obviously) that we're closed for submissions on this one.  If anyone has a new idea for a project, don't be shy.

In other news, Pixel has released the anticipated PxTone 0.800.  Although it's dripping with features I've personally wanted to be in it for a long time, it will not be supported by us until Pixel has tweaked the bugs out of it (right now, a big one being "Beat Fix") and can play most of our releases pretty accurately.  It shouldn't be long, I think.  If you can't wait for the new version, then speed your wireless optical mouse over to Pixel's paradise.  

Just keep in mind that when the new version is pretty stable and plays old version music well, we're going to start shifting towards the new version to take advantage of it's new enhancements.  :)
Add many more links to the LINK section including PEPOSOFT, PxTone Archive, Groundzero Organization, MemoryFormat, and Studio Quois.  

I also thought I'd make available PEPO's PEPOFONT since it appearantly is only available on PisColla and is quite hard to find.  It's a great resource for PxTone generated sounds.  In the future, I hope to release a pack of my own sounds geared towards nasty techno and speaker breaking sounds.  You can get it from the MISC section.

The call for submissions for the Stop Me EP have slowed down and I know of no other contributors at the moment.  So this EP will be released soon as a 'Various Artists' credit.  It's 6 tracks strong right now with all of your favorite PxTone junkies contributing.  If you want to participate, hurry.  The information about it is here.
Eightfish busts out with 4 tracks of wicked breaks and chippie melodies, all served up with a pschadelic touch.  Pack your bags, you're going on a trip...courtesy of Spectacular Optical.
Updated the LINK section and corrected the name to a closer English translation for the site mentioned below (thanks AGF).  Visit the added sites for even more PxTone tunage!

Also, for those interested, I've received a total of 5 tunes for the Stop Me EP so far!  All of the tunes are quite exceptional and range from the subdued and refined to the erratic and deranged.  There will definately be something for everyone's taste in it.  If you've no idea what I'm talking about, check this link out and get crackin'!

Other than that, there's an upcoming 4 track EP from Eightfish to be released in a week or two, so stay tuned...
Added a link to a Japanese PxTone composer, but I'm not sure how to translate his name.  Using a simple hiragana chart, I came up with 'oashisu', but I know I'm probably wrong.  Mail me if you have an idea.

As for the style, it's quite experimental, at times minimal.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Listen to some of it here...
Uploaded the English translation of the PtVoice manual in it's original form.  There's still a tad bit of 'engrish' since Eyedunno has no idea what he's talking about, he's just translating.  Nonetheless, it should be pretty straight forward for anyone who doesn't understand the program.  Grab it in the MISC section.  When the PTC manual is done being translated, both manuals will be included in the PiSTON SOURCE distribution of Piston Collage, along with a brief explenation of how to use PtNoise, since no manual has been issued for it and it's not officially released (in fact, I believe at this point in time, this is the only place that gives unrestricted access to the noise portion of PxTone...)
Added the beginnings of the MISC area of the site.  It will contain stuff that doesn't fall into one of the other four areas of the site.  

Also added the LINK section.  If you've got a pxtone site you want me to link to, let me know about it.  

In there, you might find a call for submissions for an upcoming EP...you *might* find that.  ;)
New page on a new host, courtesy humblefool.net.  Be sure to thank him for being a cool guy...He hooked us up, for real.  :)  

Some sections are down right now, but they'll be up shortly.  Stay tuned.