*      Up to 36 simulataneous VOICES. Each voice can be
           either  a  2 oscillator  .ptvoice  (created with
           PtVoice program), 4 oscillator .ptnoise (created
           with  PtNoise  program,  generally  used for non
           pitched sounds like drums or sound effects)  and
           lastly  .wav (up to 16bit, 44.1khz stereo). Each
           voice  is  permanantly  attatched  to  it's  own
           track.  This includes .wav (i.e. if you want a 3
           note .wav chord,you must load the same .wav into
           PxTone 3 times.  NOTE:   This limitation will be
           relinquished in an upcoming version)    
    *      Each voice can have one of 2  simple delays,  be
           panned, pitch bent,  and also allows volume  and
           velocity data.
    *      Other features include:  comments and song title
           information  stored  inside  the  song  and .wav
           rendering of songs for use in other applications
           (or  for  making  into  an  mp3) and custom time