I couldn't help but smile when I read this...whoever gave us the shameless plug, thanks...hehehe...

At any rate, a couple of pieces of news for you (it seems everytime we release something over here, some info falls in my lap right afterwards...why can't it happen all at once?  :)...
Firstly, EyeDunno, a buddy of mine (who's been trying to escape the clutches of Japan, but evidently is still there) is translating the docs for PxTone into English.  When they're done, they will be bundled with the distro of PxTone here at PS.  Second order of news, the guy in charge of Foolchan just handed over a chunk of his space and bandwidth to us.  What does that mean?  It means we're going to be moving again (but this time, I promise to leave a forwarding address!) and we're going to have a custom site design.  That still doesn't mean it's going to be a super awesome, flash-in-yo-face cutting edge internet experience...it just means it won't look like this page.  I sure you hope you like red, though.


It's been a while, but we're not dead.  In fact, a new release for you is here!  Right now!  Made with love for those who know what love is...Go download "Think About Us" right now and feel that love...

In other news, a new site is in the works.  I will not even begin to state when it will be ready, but it will have it's own domain and will be custom coded and realized by the one known as Laughing Otter...in the meantime, if you feel the need to link to us for whatever reason, there's a new button on the about page for you.  Enjoy it, color it different, animate it, sleep with it, etc.  It's there for YOU.


I typed up a quick guide to using PxTone/Piston Collage in English for those having a hard time figuring it out.  At a later date, it may turn into a full fledged web space here at PS full of tutorials with pictures and stuff, but for right now, it's mainly to help those who've been asking for English instructions.  Hopefully this helps.  :)


A new release from Finland native Shrapnel!  It's dark retro electro with a complimentary dark jungle remix by HS!  Very brooding stuff.  Sit down...take a seat in The Control Room.  We are here to help you. 
Also, for those who may be new to PxTone and/or the site, I've added a mini history to the about section to fill you in on everything you wanted to know about the program we abuse, it's creator and what the hell we are all about.


Added a link to Tsu Ryu's PxTone/NSF works.  Check it out, yo!


Several bits of news today...first and foremost, AGF is back with a brand new EP called "Stained Pear Tree".  It's less an EP and more of a journey through places unknown within...
Next, if you want to hear upcoming releases, go check out my shitty myspace page.  I've put up a preview of a release from Shrapnel, remixed by me as well as a preview tune off of a coop EP between myself and AGF (he's everywhere!).
Lastly, the least significant bit (ooh, a pun!) of info is that the .nfo files have been given a face lift.  They still aren't much because I suck at ASCII and it was me making it.  If you think you can do better, show me.


Updated the 'About' page to include some additional submission info.  Also, if you didn't notice, I drew up a logo...was kind of tired of the bland text only title. 


You had to know it was coming...I added a link...was that a tip-off?  I believe so!  A guest release from Japanese breakbeat guru Kim I/O is online.  "Mono Tone" EP is as futuristic as it is oldskool...it's almost like going back into 1992 and looking at an alternate 2006 with the music.  You'll understand once you give it a listen.

On another note (hahaha, I slay me!), I updated the PxTone package available on the releases page to reflect the new version out as well as deleted the 'japanese.ico' file for english speaking newcomers.


Added a link to TOW-HOOK.  Check it out!


If you have a sweet tooth for smooth melodies and breakcore/speedcore and other absurd rhythm stylings, our low fat debut release from AGF entitled "Scattered Cake Company" should hit the spot.  The EP features 5 tunes with some of the most imaginative music made on PxTone yet!  Grab it from the releases page before it gets cold!


A new release!  Welcome our first guest release artist Frux.  "Reincarnation Papers" is the chilling tale of a sampler obsessed with an MSX sound chip.  The MSX first catches the ear of the sampler, who replies in the only way a sampler knows how...with an amen.  They fall in love...and then the MSX turns out to be an axe murderer...bah, no, not really.  It's really some happy chips with breaks!  Enjoy!  -HS


Updated the links section to include GENsai's homepage which hosts many of his PxTone creations as well as a few of his MadTracker efforts.  If you doubt the capabilities of PxTone, you definately need to check out GENsai...one of the true pioneers of pushing PxTone to do something other than vg-style chippies.  My hat's off to you, brotha.  (p.s. he's the originator of the "Zansatsu" tune remixed on PS007, which is available on his homepage)


Pixel is killing me with this rapid updates!  PxTone was released a mere few hours after yesterday's update.  As far as I can tell, this too is just a utilitarian update to squash some bugs and fix the output a little bit.  At any rate, the download link on the releases page has been updated to reflect the new release.


A new version of Piston Collage is out.  There's nothing new on the surface, all the changes are to the .dll and the inner workings of it.  If you find any bugs, Pixel requests you let him know.  The download link on the releases page has been updated to reflect the new release.


PiSTON SOURCE releases it's first EP.  The top side is mean dnb tech with jump up flavor and the reverse is a remix of a tune by Gen entitled "Zansatsu" which roughly translates into 'unusual homicide' or 'slaughter' and is a bit of experimental breaks.  Both tunes are short for those who have small attention spans.  Enjoy!


I haven't gotten an official translation, but it appears I made one of 3 honorable mentions in the PisCon.  Oh, well...next time I'll probably have more time get something done...hehehe...If someone can get babelfish to properly translate the page, I'd like to see how the reviews were for the top 3. 


Head over to myspace to hear a sample of the upcoming "Piston Lust" EP from HS.  It's a bit of short attention span dnb called "Lil' Dippa".  Stay tuned for the full release here.


All submissions to the PisCon are closed.  My track is the 15th submission...if you can understand japanese and you like my work, i suggest you get on over to piscolla to tell them what you think.  Stay tuned...we'll both found out how lousy i did..heh..


PiSTON SOURCE reopens as no-frills, mini open-source netlabel.  Submissions welcomed.  See ABOUT for submission guidelines.